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Shootings Analytics – when and where are we most at risk?

Through recent research, we came across a website ( that tracks all the gun-related incidents across the US. It shows where and when the shootings happen, provides a news source, and lists all the released details. As we kept clicking and searching through this website we had so many questions. Which states have the most shootings? When do most shootings happening?

We wanted answers to these questions, so we decided to pull the data on mass shootings from the past year and analyze it. This website classifies any incident involving 4 or more people, killed, injured, or not, as a mass shooting. We discovered there were 452 mass shootings in the past year. That’s more than one a day (see the news ticker on the right side of this page.) As we began creating graphs from the data we saw some trends in active shooter situations.


Are there some days of the week when a shooting is more like to happen? What about months of the year? Here is what we found:

shooting by day of week            shootings by month

I guess it makes sense that more shootings would happen on the weekend. Why the summer months? Is it because people are out of school, on vacation? Regardless of the reason we know we should be extra alert at this time of the year.


Where are shootings most likely to occur? Here is the data tabulated by State:

shootings by state

When we initially created this first chart, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas looked like absolutely terrifying places to live. As we were studying this graph, we realized that 3 of those 4 states, California, Texas and Florida, are the 3 most populous states in the nation, so we needed to control for population. When calculated for per capita, California, Texas and Florida are less alarming. Illinois is worse, accompanied by Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

shootings per capita

Shootings by Location

These charts give a lot of insight into the when and where of shootings but what about the specific locations where the shootings take place? We are most at risk on the weekend, during the summer, in Illinois, but where, exactly? At school, at work, or at the mall?  Here is what we discovered:

shootings by locations

Maybe the most disturbing revelation is that the majority of gun-related incidents happen in residential areas. It’s not in the airport or at the post office or on the roads. It’s in the places that we live.


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Data for this analysis was derived for the Gun Violence Archive

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