Bulletproof Backpacks For School Children?

Bulletproof Backpacks For School Children?

Does a bulletproof backpack help protect your children?  Whether it is back to school or mid year, safety is always priority #1!  All parents are concerned for their children’s safety.  With school shootings a reality of modern life, giving your kids a shield against threats is important.  Various manufacturers produce bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof backpack inserts.  These are a lightweight and easy way to protect children during active shooter situations.

While all parents, teachers, and the general public hope we won’t run into an active shooter situation, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.  With that in mind we have created this guide of considerations for choosing your bulletproof backpack or insert for your children.

Why Purchase A Bulletproof Backpack or Insert?

The biggest benefit of buying a bulletproof backpack or bulletproof backpack insert is your own peace of mind and child’s safety.  No parent wants a need for these products, but “better safe than sorry” is how the saying goes.

No backpack or vest is 100% invincible during an active shooter incident, but with a layer of bullet stopping power it may very well save your child’s life.

Citizen Armor uses the very latest in bulletproof technology.  Out backpack inserts are NIJ Level IIIA threat rated.  That means they will stop a .44 magnum, 9mm, and more.

Are Bulletproof Backpacks Legal?

Yes. Bulletproof backpacks are legal to own in all 50 states.  The TSA also allows the use and wear of bulletproof backpacks and vests on flights.  The only limitations are that felons may not purchase body armor; and residents in the state of Connecticut aren’t able to purchase bulletproof armor online.  If you’re living in Connecticut and would like to purchase a bulletproof armor product, we can work with an authorized dealer near you.

Bulletproof Backpacks Are Becoming More Common

All manufacturers have seen a steep increase in the purchases of bulletproof backpacks, and the reason is clear.  The world has been shocked too many times in recent years by active shooter situations, especially at schools.

This shift in awareness has resulted in more and more parents including a lightweight bulletproof backpack insert.

It is no surprise that the main supporters of bulletproof backpacks are parents.  30 years ago it was scary to drop a kid off for the day, today it is downright terrifying.  Parents that purchase our inserts love the peace of mind that they’ve done everything they can in providing a layer of security for their children.

Importance Of Choosing Quality Backpacks

If you’re going to choose to purchase a layer of safety for you or your children, it should be high quality.  While a lot of vendors are selling bulletproof backpack inserts, not all stand up to the test.

The most important facet is choosing a quality Level IIIA threat level product.  Every bulletproof backpack Citizen Armor sells meets and exceeds this standard!

While some parents may gamble that the idea of a bulletproof backpack is an exaggerated response, who wants to lose that bet?

Discreet Bulletproof Armor

Instead of strapping a bulletproof vest on your kids, we offer a lightweight and discreet option. You can slip our bulletproof inserts into their backpack or binder without it looking any different than unarmored school supplies.

This means that your kid won’t feel out of place by walking around looking different than their peers.

Multipurpose Bulletproof Inserts

Citizen Armor is proud to produce the very best bulletproof inserts.  We offer them in 3 different sizes for various sizes of bags.  Not only do our customers choose to use them in their children’s backpacks but many include them in executive binders, laptop bags, and purses.

Do You Need A Bulletproof Backpack For School Children?

If you need a bulletproof backpack for a school child, Citizen Armor has the best products available.  Lightweight and high performance, we offer 3 sizes to fit virtually any backpack or bag.  For adults, we also offer the RTG Bulletproof Backpack Body Armor with fast deploy vest for 360° protection.