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How Much Does Graphene Armor Cost?

Graphene armor costs start at $99 dollars but can go up to over $1,000.  The cost of graphene armor depends on the type of body armor you are wanting.  Graphene microfibers are used to make bulletproof backpacks, inserts, binders, and of course bulletproof vests.

“Layers of carbon one-atom thick can absorb blows that would punch through steel. Recent tests suggest that pure graphene performs twice as well as the fabric currently used in bulletproof vests, making it an ideal armour…”. – According to

Graphene Armor Cost by Product

Graphene microfiber is simply superior to carbon nanotube technology.  This type of armor costs a little more but is higher performance hands down.  In fact the NIJ no longer allows manufacturers to have armor made with carbon nanotubes to be tested.  


Graphene armored vests cost between $645 and $1,126.  The cost of these graphene vests vary depending on how much coverage they offer.  In addition they can be purchased as a standard option or an elite option that is more durable and has a longer warranty.

The least expensive graphene vest is called the T-Shield Vest.  It starts at $645 dollars for the standard armor option. It is concealable and covers your vital organs such as kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.  

The most expensive graphene vest is the SHTF Vest and it starts at $754 dollars.  It’s wraparound armor design covers more of your body.  It wraps around your sides to cover more threats.  It also offers a MOLLE system so you can strap on any items such as mags, pistols, radios, or other tactical accessories.

Other graphene vests include the Civvy Vest, Civvy Female Vest, which start at $649 for the unisex option and $734 for a vest customized to fit a woman more comfortably.

Bag & Backpack Inserts

The least expensive graphene product is a bulletproof insert.  They start at $99 and are used for armoring many types of bags.  When most people say they want a bulletproof backpack, they are thinking of inserts.  The cost depends on the size and armor level purchased.

  • Small (7×10”) Graphene Inserts start at $99 dollars
  • Medium (10×13”) Graphene Inserts start at $139 dollars
  • Large (11×15”) Graphene Inserts start at $179 dollars

Measuring the bag or backpack will help concerned consumers choose the right size for their bags or backpacks.

Convertible Bulletproof Backpack Vests

A convertible bulletproof backpack vest costs $1,200 for the standard armor configuration.  It is a wraparound body armor solution that is as concealable as it is effective.  It’s rapid deployment system takes you from just carrying a backpack to having front, back, and side body armor in just 2 seconds.  With the elite armor option, $1,524 dollars, it is made with more durable materials and has a longer warranty.  

Binders & Notebooks

Binder and notebook costs start at $249 and go up to $399 dollars.  For school age children and college students the standard armored 3-ring binder notebook costs $249 and has an elite option for $359.  There are executive armored binders made with leather and have a more professional executive appearance, they cost either $299 or $399 depending on if you want a standard or elite armor solution.

What Is Graphene Armor?

Graphene is made up purely of carbon atoms which are configured in hexagonal arrangements.  These layers are structured at a scale of 1 atom thick.  It is famous for its ability to conduct electricity and heat with impressive efficiency.  Due to graphene’s impressive qualities it is being researched for a wide variety of fields.  They include energy storage, electronics, biological engineering, medical treatment, photovoltaic cells, and of course armor technologies.