8 Best Civilian Tactical Training Courses

8 Best Civilian Tactical Training Courses

The purpose of civilian tactical training courses are to teach civilians how to prepare for dangerous situations.  Tactical training courses are hosted by professional-grade specialists.  Core tactical subjects include hand to hand combat, close quarter combat, and weapon proficiency. The skills needed to defend oneself include basic safety for handling weapons, how to fire them, and how to resolve weapon malfunctions such as jamming.

8 Best Civilian Tactical Training Courses

Civilian tactical training takes the same shape as some military training courses.  It ranges from the basics of handling firearms to advanced close quarter combat techniques, advanced driving, physical conditioning, and mental toughness.   These are the leading tactical training courses available to civilians.  

1. Ronin Tactics

Ronin Tactics offers tactical training to law-abiding civilians.  The skills they teach help regular men and women to better defend themselves and their families.  Skills include both defensive and offensive lethal techniques.   Courses are available for teams, groups, and corporations.  Specific courses center around pistols, carbine rifles, shotguns, a precision gun course and edge weapons (knives).

2. Green Eye Tactical

Green Eye Tactical was founded by Eric Dorenbush, a former U.S. Special Operations Operator.  With his extensive combat experience, Eric has adapted his modern and combat proven techniques into tactical training courses available to both law enforcement, military, and civilians.  Courses teach tactical skills for pistols, rifles, and close quarter combat.  In addition, Green Eye Tactical offers courses in marksmanship, concealed carry tactics, land navigation fundamentals, vehicle tactics, and small unit tactics.  

3. Tactical Response

Led by James Yeager, Tactical Response offers a wide range of courses for civilian tactical training.  Founded in 1996, the sole purpose of their organization is to provide the highest end firearm and tactical training to law-abiding civilians.  Course offerings include: active shooter, advanced fighting pistol, advanced fighting rifle, advanced fighting shotgun, immediate action medical, and many more.

4. SIG Sauer Academy

SIG Sauer has been a major firearm manufacturer since their formation in 1976.  Since 1990, the SIG Sauer Academy has offered advanced training courses that cover trauma management, team building, bullets and vehicles, low light pistol, and more.  With over 140 acres in New Hampshire, their indoor and outdoor facility offers over 110 courses to both professional operators and civilians.  

5. 360 Tactical Training

Based out of Houston, Texas, 360 Tactical Training is devoted to firearm and tactical training at the highest level for both pros and civilians alike.  Their focus is teaching reality based skills which work with our natural reactions to stress in a fight.  Civilian tactical training courses include: pistol training, rifle training, shotgun training, carbine rifle training, AK-47 training, livefire civilian response to active shooters, close quarters carbine, and more.

6. Solutions Group International

The SGI tactical training course for civilians offers a variety of tactical skills.  They offer these courses to the general public and are taught by the same instructors who train military and law enforcement operatives.  Their tactical training courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of combat marksmanship and improve overall chances of survival in a violent encounter.  Courses include hand to hand combat, pistol, rifle, shotgun, advanced vehicle evasive response, trauma care, and much more.

7. Team O’Neil Rally School

Tactical skills for civilians don’t end at knowing how to handle firearms, they extend to tactical driving as well.  While the courses focus on rally driving, the concepts of high speed maneuvers translate into useful skills.  Their government courses are restricted to Department of Defense members, but you’re hard pressed to find a better group of instructors to learn advanced driving skills from.

8. GoRuck

In addition to firearms and driving, tactical skills should include physical fitness and mental toughness.  The GoRuck Challenge has become an event that gathers those that are serious about survival.  With both 2 day and 3 day events you’ll be able to immerse yourself in mountaineering, first-aid and survival.   A major cornerstone to survive is your ability to move quickly and evade in an active shooter situation.