About Us

Citizen Armor was founded by Aaron K Gilbert in May of 2017.  Mr. Gilbert has over 10 years of experience teaching firearm safety and conceal carry courses to numerous individuals.  Today, Mr. Gilbert wishes to help protect those who need it the most.  Those who live in dangerous neighborhoods, those who are being threatened by an ex-spouse or partner, those who travel to dangerous places and those who happen to be in the wrong location at the wrong time.

Citizen Armor began with the hopes of providing everyday civilians with the opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones from active shooters.  Citizen Armor developed it products with the typical civilian in mind.  Products can be worn or carried in a concealed fashion with little or no physical notice to those around you.   The technology used by Citizen Armor in its products are the same type of technologies used by law enforcement in their products across the country.  

Citizen Armor is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and supporter of our law enforcement brothers and sisters.  It is because of this, Citizen Armor wants to make sure its products does not end up being used by the wrong people who commit crimes.  All armor sold by Citizen Armor is registered to the purchaser and if the armor is used in a crime, Citizen Armor will notify law enforcement officials who the owner/purchaser of the armor was.  

It is important to understand that it is legal for all Americans to own personal body armor as long as they are not a convicted felon.  Citizen Armor requires all purchasers to certify that they are not a convicted felon and that they will not give their armor to a felon.  Owning body armor is an important responsibility.  Make sure you always know where it is located/stored and make sure children do not play with it.  

Citizen Armor is based in Spanish Fork, Utah and has approximately 10-20 employees who manufacture all of its products.


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