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Armored Vehciles

Armored Vehciles

ATEK Defense Systems creates Armored Vehicle Solutions

Content provided by ATEK:

Armored security vehicles are the backbone of many different types of companies.  Banks have used them for decades to transport cash and coin between businesses and their security storage locations.  

Citizen Armor offers vehicle armor for security vehicles.  These vehicles can be for both patrol and secured transport.  With more and more businesses having to transport sensitive cargo, an armored security van is the best option.


Our armored security vehicles give your business the security and anonymity they need.  We specialize in providing ballistic protection that doesn’t require any expensive suspension modifications.  Our armor weighs a fraction of the competition while providing the same protection.  We also provide custom security electronics that tie into control centers to monitor your vehicles and personnel.  From body worn cameras to biometric locks and ignition systems, our goal is to provide you with world class armored vehicles. 


Big box trucks have been the standard for many years, but they also are very recognizable.  Having a van that’s armored is a more covert way of delivering or picking up valuable cargo, without generating a lot of attention.  


Our vehicle armor for security vehicles protects personnel and cargo from attacks in 6 primary areas.  These are the front, rear, floor, sidewalls, doors, and roof.  Our armored security vans are equipped with NIJ Level IIIA or IIIA+ armor for doors, walls, and columns with optional ballistic protection for headrests and visors.  

The glass for our armored vans is applied with little to no modifications to the doors and still allows the windows to function in the door.  Our armored shield glass is NIJ Level IIA / UL752 Level I and our windshield insert is NIJ Level II / UL752 Level I.  Any window that is not treated with ballistic glass has our Smash and Grab™ security film for comprehensive window protection.  


Our armored van cargo areas can be customized with built in safes, high strength metal shelving, secret compartments, lockable compartments, and more.  No matter what your transport needs are, we have the ability to meet them. 


A big part of ensuring the safety of your personnel and cargo is having quality surveillance and security systems.  Citizen Armor is proud to offer a wide range of options for armored vans.  We offer 360 degrees of surveillance with AHD cameras, waterproof night vision exterior cameras, body worn cameras for personnel, and more.  We outfit our armored vans to be secure from break ins and theft and have remote kill switches if a vehicle needs to be recovered.

A primary feature of our vans is biometric secured ignition and door locks.  This high tech security measure among others offer peace of mind for not only those transporting but for business owners as well.  Other security features can include strobe lights, hidden mag locks, alarm with remote call, routers, proximity sensors, redundant locks, extra batteries, and more.  If you can dream it, we can fabricate and install it. 


Our armored security vans can be used for a wide variety of secured transport roles.  Whether it is cash in transit, controlled substance transportation, or any other sort of valuable goods.  We provide the safety and security you need with the covert plain van appearance.  It’s best to avoid armed conflicts, but with our bulletproof vans, your valuables and personnel will be well protected. 

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