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Is Body Armor Legal for Civilian Use?

Civilian Body Armor Legal?

Is body armor legal for regular people?  Ballistic body armor has had a certain stigma surrounding it for a long time as an item only military and law enforcement are able to obtain.  Some people wonder “Why would you even want body armor?”.
The truth is, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than be attacked by an active shooter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  Just ask anyone from Ohio State University, Orlando, San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Roseburg, Chattanooga, Charleston, Isla Vista, Ft. Hood, Aurora and too many others to list them all.

– Small-Town Shooting –

American Fork shooting

Even here in Utah, there have been many shootings that don’t make national headlines.  A normally peaceful town about 1/2 hour south of Salt Lake City has recently had its fair share of gun violence.  In December alone, American Fork has seen two violent public shooting incidents.  One started in a Wal-Mart parking lot and ended with two dead and a shootout in a Cinemark parking lot.  Another on Christmas Eve while a woman worked as a convenience store clerk and her estranged husband walked in, middle of the day, and shot her multiple times.  If you would have asked anyone in American Fork in November if they thought they were in any danger of being shot, they probably would have laughed it off.  Such is the case with many towns throughout the U.S.

We do not want to participate in any sort of fear-mongering but we do want people to be prepared as much as possible and as much as needed.  It’s hard to say how much preparation is needed because it’s hard to see the future.  Preparation begins with each individual person and their personal situation.  Whether you feel like you are in danger of being shot at, you want daily wear armor just in case, or you’re preparing for the end of the world when the SHTF, Citizen Armor will gladly help all responsible citizens.

– But Is Body Armor Legal? –

Contrary to popular belief,  anyone with a clean record can buy body armor.  There is a stipulation for Connecticut, where body armor purchases must be fully transacted face to face.  Other than that, if you don’t have a felony on your record, you can buy and own body armor!  There are no background checks for body armor purchases as there are for firearms purchases.  There are currently no registrations for body armor ownership.  Even in gun-restrictive states, body armor is available for civilian use.  If you feel the need to protect yourself and/or your loved ones and you don’t feel comfortable carrying a gun, body armor is the next logical choice.

Body armor legal second amendmentThere have been continued efforts to ban armor for civilian use, just as there have been continued efforts to restrict gun and ammo purchases.  Body armor legal problems could result, but usually these bills don’t gain any traction.  However, it’s still something to keep an eye on.  The so-called “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act” isn’t really an act for responsible ownership.  It’s an act to “prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions”.  We believe that body armor is as much a part of the second amendment as firearms and all responsible citizens have a right to ownership.

– All I Need is my Gun –

Woman self defense

Body armor protects you without you needing to do anything.  A gun can protect you if you draw and fire it, but body armor protects you even if you are asleep.  The benefit of equipping Citizen Armor is the low profile and relative comfort when compared to other soft armors.  You don’t want everyone you meet to know you’re wearing armor.  You don’t want to sweat through the summer months with an extra 10 lbs of armor under your shirt.  We also know the ladies don’t want to wear armor that smashes and squishes the female anatomy, especially breastfeeding moms.  We have answers to all these issues.

The majority of active shooter incidents occur with a handgun.  Citizen Armor protects against most handgun threats.  The SHTF armor system and inserts protect against handguns up to .44mag, a round which is strong enough to take down a Grizzly Bear.  The point is, anyone can equip some armor to make their lives a little safer.  Mom and dad can wear it at work, kids can have it in their backpacks at school.  IF you feel like body armor is necessary for you and your family, we are here to help.


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