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Ready To Go Pack: The Future of the Concealed Body Armor

The Problem.

You’re standing in the frozen pizza aisle of your local grocery store and then it happens…You hear what’s as if someone is setting off firecrackers underneath your feet. Within a matter of what seems like hours, you gain the truth of what the chaos really is. Someone running down the main aisle yells out, “He’s got a gun, he’s got a gun!” As you peek around the corner to verify the allegations, hoping it is not true, you see people too afraid to run, so instead they just frantically text their family to tell them they love them; one last time.

These are true and real accounts of the recent Colorado Walmart shooting. According to, there have been 397 mass shootings (mass shooting meaning 4 or more dead or injured) this year alone. We all hope and pray that we never encounter these types of situations, but these days, we don’t get that choice very often. And it happens when we least expect it. The only thing we can do is be more prepared for when it does happen.

The Solution: The Ready To Go Pack.

This is where Citizen Armor’s new Ready To Go Pack comes in. This high-quality, modular armored system is the perfect way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Whether you are in an active shooter, home invasion or strong-arm robbery at the local gas-station, your vitals and other important organs can be protected.

The OGIO™ backpack provides you with great storage space for your items and plenty of pockets, but the real magic is the armor system inside. The 7-year warranty armor provides you with protection against most common handgun calibers and types of rounds (hollow point, FMJ, Solid, etc.) while still staying under 4.5lbs. All you have to do is pull on the large, reinforced handle up and over your head, secure the velcro flaps to the back of the pack and just like that, you are Ready To Go.

Ready to Go Pack

In a matter of seconds, you can not only have front armor protection, but also armor protecting your back. So no matter how many threats you face you are more likely to come out of that dangerous situation alive.

We all hope and pray that we never encounter these types of situations, but these days, we don’t get that choice very often.

We, at Citizen Armor never want you to make a purchase based out of fear and anxiety, but rather, based on the peace of mind you will have knowing that you have protection moments away from being deployed. A sense of security to you and your family is priceless. Don’t let someone else determine your fate: Be protected. Be prepared for anything this world may throw at you.



visit for more information and details on this revolutionary pack.

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I Think It’s Time We Had A Talk…

On November 14, 2017, we had—yet again—another shooting on public school grounds. As many people know, these schools are “gun-free zones”. Whether you support those or not, one thing is for certain…these horrible incidents are not going to go away anytime soon. And unfortunately, these tragedies are only becoming more and more frequent. This is why it is a must for parents to consistently teach their children important, life-saving tactics and provide them with tools that can help save their life. This is not based on fear but rather based on a peace of mind. Here are a few thoughts:

On average in the United States police response times can range from 4 minutes to 1 hour. What does this mean? There will most likely be more people injured while you wait for our heroes to show up…unless you do something about it. So now the question is, how can I as a civilian minimize injury and death? That answer is simple.

Practice smart tactics. Then practice them again.

Although the mindset is slowly changing throughout the districts, the common practice right now in schools is to huddle together in a corner of the classroom, away from doors and windows. To the untrained, this seems like the best and only option; it is not. Law Enforcement and other trained professionals are now teaching to secure the door with heavy objects, tie a belt around the hinge of the door, and arm yourself with surrounding items to distract and overwhelm the threat. These tactics have been tested by several Law Enforcement agencies and they have proven to dramatically reduce injuries and fatalities.

Using a belt on a door hinge can be a great deterrent and stop a threat from entering a room.

On average in the United States police response times can range from 4 minutes to 1 hour.

We must as families, communities, schools, and fellow citizens should not be afraid to prepare for these types of events. The more we prepare, the better chance we have at survival and the more peace of mind we will have. Someone very wise once told me, “Your body cannot go where the mind has not already been”. This is essential for self-defense and it cannot go unpracticed. Unfortunately, we as normal citizens can no longer rely on first responders to “take care of business”. It is time for us to take some added responsibility and help the situation—in any way possible—before help arrives.

Armor Inserts

Now, small, young children can only take so much training and some parents do not teach their children life-saving tactics due to lack of experience or simply out of fear, but there is another option. Giving your child the tools to protect him or herself is essential in an active shooter situation. Armor inserts are an easy, discrete and reliable way to protect your children. A small piece of protective armor which weighs less than a pound can make all the difference and has the potential to save one’s life. It is always better to have it, and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

I urge all parents to take the time to get educated on what works and what doesn’t. Train, and then train some more and most importantly give your children the correct tools to help protect them. This knowledge can save lives, but it needs to be implemented first…

Click here to learn more about how you can protect you and your family from the evils of the world. Also, visit and use TALK10 coupon code for 10% OFF any armor insert purchase.

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Invitation to Protection

It’s a crazy world out there. We see violent criminal, terrorist or nut case incidents on a daily basis. How do we protect ourselves? Citizen Armor makes personal protective products for every day people like you. There are Bullet Bouncing ballistic vests that are lighter, more flexible, more comfortable, and extremely effective.  But you can also get backpack inserts, briefcase inserts, and much more. You might have decided not to personally carry a gun. But in today’s world, it borders on irresponsible not to provide some protection for yourself and loved ones.

Sometimes we struggle to know how to keep our families protected. One of the most effective things we can give them is knowledge. By using this series of instructive videos you can help your family to learn:


  • how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • the “awareness” check list
  • what is  “normality bias” and how to avoid it
  • the critical sequence of survival responses
  • how to respond to law enforcement and first responders
  • to prepare your “Family Protection Plan”
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Sandy Shooting–Preparing for the Unthinkable.

Sandy Shooting — Too Close to Home

It was rough coming to work this morning listening to the report of the shooting in Sandy, Utah.  I wondered what I would do if my children had been out on that street. Is there anything I could have done to protect them?  Just 45 minutes from where I am typing this, three lives were taken and two others were severely injured. There’s something about being so close that brings on a mixture of fear and sorrow, wrapped up in the scary contemplation “What if it had been my neighborhood? What if it had been me?”

What’s worse the shooting took place when children were walking home from school. I probably feel so shocked because this is a situation where you never expect a shooting to happen. Children have been walking home from school for years. It seems like a totally normal activity, not a time when parents would have to worry if their child would be exposed to bullets whizzing down the street (see news coverage link below.)

Not Here, Not Now

So often we think we know when, where and why shootings happen. They take place in alleyways downtown in the middle of the night because someone got way too drunk. Or shoddy neighborhoods on the other side of town because someone cheated someone else out of their drug money. It doesn’t happen in a nice upper-middle class suburb in Sandy, Utah, three blocks from the neighborhood elementary school.

 Prepare Yourself

We cannot control what others may do, and we cannot anticipate when something like this might happen. We never will be able to prevent all dangerous situations. So what do we do when we feel like isn’t even safe for our kids to go to school? We prepare ourselves.

Backpack insert
Citizen Armor Backpack Insert

Preparedness is a two fold process. First, we arm our children and loved ones with the knowledge of what to do in such a dangerous situation. We can discuss this topic with our children so instead of a dangerous situation shocking and leaving them unresponsive, they are able to recognize the threat and act. (Click here to download a free document to help with your discussion.)

Second, we can give them something that will protect them physically. Many do not know that they can easily protect themselves and their loved ones by using a simple armored backpack insert. Such a situation will always be scary but think of the reassurance that could reduce your fear if you knew your child had been prepared with an armored insert in their backpack and had been taught to how to use it as a shield from stray bullets.  Our children deserve that protection and we deserve the peace of mind that comes with it.

Protecting Against the Unthinkable

I don’t bring this subject up lightly. I am in no way presenting a “what if” or “only if they had” scenario. What happened in Sandy is heart breaking and our prayers go out to the mourning families. But this is a reminder that our lives can change at a drop of a hat. Yet, we can find security through the knowledge and protection that physical armor provides against such unthinkable situations.


News coverage of the event