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Labor Day Sale- 9/1-9/30 - 20% Off All Products
Labor Day Sale- 9/1-9/30 - 20% Off All Products

All Citizen Armor Products are MADE IN USA

All Citizen Armor Products come with the Body Armor Assembled and with the Carriers Shown - (FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS)

The Second Amendment states we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. Many people instantly refer the word “protection” as only having a gun, but wouldn’t it make sense to include having protection against guns as part of that right as well?  Private ownership of body armor by legal law abiding citizens is your right.  At Citizen Armor we are completely dedicated to providing you American Made Armor that is STRONGER, LIGHTER and more FLEXIBLE than anything other body armor.  We accomplish this through our Patent Pending Nano Technologies.

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