In the United States, the TSA does not restrict passengers from carrying body armor products. Traveling overseas might have restrictions depending on the country.
Yes, it is legal in all 50 States for citizens to own and use body armored products. The only restriction is if you are a felon.
The only location in the United States that has a purchasing restriction is Connecticut. Any purchasers in Connecticut have to purchase their armor from a physical store location. They cannot purchase our products online. Any buyers interested in purchasing the company’s products in CT need to contact customer services at:
No, Citizen Armor does not perform background checks on its customers. The company does have purchasers self-declare in the check-out process that they are not a felon and that they will not give the armor to a felon. The company does assign a serial number to each piece of armor sold to a customer and will share that information with law enforcement if the armor is found to be used in a crime.
Citizen Armor does not sell to civilians outside of the United States.
The Elite Armor offered by Citizen Armor also protects against armor piercing rounds that include the FN 5.7x28mm, Winchester Ranger T-series SXT, and Liberty 9mm