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My Day with the Vest

Unnoticeable Armor

My supervisor came into work yesterday wearing one of his typical outfits: khaki pants and a checkered short sleeve. The only difference was that he was wearing his shirt un-tucked. I didn’t really think anything of it, though. About an hour later, once my supervisor had made the rounds and seen everyone at the office he came back and told me he was wearing one of our vests underneath his shirt. I had not noticed at all.¬†He told me that the owners here had challenged him to wear the vest over the weekend and report to them about his experiences.

I was honestly shocked that I did not notice the vest even a little. Immediately I was impressed that we produced such an unnoticeable piece of armor, but my supervisor let me know that it was a process to get to that point. So I asked him to tell me his experience.

The Funeral

My supervisor realized that the vest was less noticeable if he wore his shirt un-tucked. He had a funeral to attend, and that it definitely a tucked-in shirt kind of event, so he was really struggling. He told me that tons of people at the funeral kept coming up to him and asking if he was okay. Apparently everyone there thought the vest was a back brace. It really annoyed him that everyone thought he was injured, when he actually felt more invincible than ever before. The vest was just showing too much.

Out and About

He did say that it was fun wearing it out and about. When he went to Wal-mart and saw some interesting looking people he didn’t try to avoid them. He said that he didn’t care at all when he was wearing the vest, but that he normally would have. I read him recount other little snippets of his day, but reported that it was also really hot. He said he was sweating all day long with the vest on underneath his shirt. So, he needed to tweak it a little.

Finding Solutions

I didn’t notice my supervisor’s vest when he came into work yesterday ¬†because he was wearing a bigger shirt than he normally wears. He told me he bought a shirt a size larger than usual because it made the vest less noticeable. It also made it less hot while wearing the vest because there was more “wiggle room” between the skin and the vest, and the vest and the shirt. I would like to mention that I also didn’t think his shirt looked too big for him–I had no idea it was a size larger than he usually wears.

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