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“I can’t believe this shooting happened in my hometown.” (6/14/2017) - Active Shooting Becoming Too Common-Place Utah seems to be showing up more frequently in the “Acitve Shooter” news column. With the Sandy shooting earlier this month and now the Taylorsville incident, the truth seems to be that we are joining the crowd when it comes to where shootings happen. We’re definitely still in the lower […]
Rotten Hard Candy and Soft Body Armor. (5/18/2017) - The Story of Hard Candy A friend told me a funny story recently that has an important application to body armor. Eight years ago, my friend and his wife were helping his mother-in-law prepare for a move. When they came to her food storage they found 3 or 4 #10 cans of hard candy that […]
Shooting Analytics for Texas (4/25/2017) - After analyzing shooting data from we have been able to discover some interesting information about when and where shootings occur in the United States. There were more than 450 mass shootings (incidents of 4 or more victims) in the past year – that’s more than one a day (see “Recent Multiple Shootings” ticker on this page.) […]
De-Escalation Training for Local Police Saves Lives. (1/25/2017) - SLC Police Department De-Escalation Training A friend showed me a video the other day that really struck me. The video gave information about a de-escalation training program implemented by the Salt Lake City Police Department to reduce the number of police involved fatal shootings. The training teaches the officers to create distance between he/she and […]