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We are an American Company and ship to the USA ONLY
We are an American Company and ship to the USA ONLY


QUESTION:  Does the TSA have any problems with body armor products passing through airport?  ANSWER:  In the United States, the TSA does not restrict passengers from carrying body armor products. Traveling overseas might have restrictions depending on the country.

QUESTION:  Is it legal for civilians to own body armor?  ANSWER:  Yes, it is legal in all 50 States for citizens to own and use body armored products. The only restriction is if you are a felon.

QUESTION:  Are there any restrictions for purchasing body armor?  ANSWER:  The only location in the United States that has a purchasing restriction is Connecticut. Any purchasers in Connecticut have to purchase their armor from a physical store location. They cannot purchase our products online. Any buyers interested in purchasing the company’s products in CT need to contact customer services at:

QUESTION:  Does Citizen Armor perform background checks on buyers of its body armor products?  ANSWER:  No, Citizen Armor does not perform background checks on its customers. The company does have purchasers self-declare in the check-out process that they are not a felon and that they will not give the armor to a felon. The company does assign a serial number to each piece of armor sold to a customer and will share that information with law enforcement if the armor is found to be used in a crime.

QUESTION:  I live outside of the United States. Can I purchase your products?  ANSWER:  Citizen Armor does not sell to civilians outside of the United States.

QUESTION:  Does the armor stop rifle rounds like the AK-47 or AR-15?  ANSWER:  The Elite Armor series offered by Citizen Armor website does not stop rounds from AK-47s or A.R. 15’s. However it does protect from armor piercing rounds from the FN 5.7.