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Ready To Go Pack: The Future of the Concealed Body Armor

The Problem.

You’re standing in the frozen pizza aisle of your local grocery store and then it happens…You hear what’s as if someone is setting off firecrackers underneath your feet. Within a matter of what seems like hours, you gain the truth of what the chaos really is. Someone running down the main aisle yells out, “He’s got a gun, he’s got a gun!” As you peek around the corner to verify the allegations, hoping it is not true, you see people too afraid to run, so instead they just frantically text their family to tell them they love them; one last time.

These are true and real accounts of the recent Colorado Walmart shooting. According to, there have been 397 mass shootings (mass shooting meaning 4 or more dead or injured) this year alone. We all hope and pray that we never encounter these types of situations, but these days, we don’t get that choice very often. And it happens when we least expect it. The only thing we can do is be more prepared for when it does happen.

The Solution: The Ready To Go Pack.

This is where Citizen Armor’s new Ready To Go Pack comes in. This high-quality, modular armored system is the perfect way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Whether you are in an active shooter, home invasion or strong-arm robbery at the local gas-station, your vitals and other important organs can be protected.

The OGIO™ backpack provides you with great storage space for your items and plenty of pockets, but the real magic is the armor system inside. The 7-year warranty armor provides you with protection against most common handgun calibers and types of rounds (hollow point, FMJ, Solid, etc.) while still staying under 4.5lbs. All you have to do is pull on the large, reinforced handle up and over your head, secure the velcro flaps to the back of the pack and just like that, you are Ready To Go.

Ready to Go Pack

In a matter of seconds, you can not only have front armor protection, but also armor protecting your back. So no matter how many threats you face you are more likely to come out of that dangerous situation alive.

We all hope and pray that we never encounter these types of situations, but these days, we don’t get that choice very often.

We, at Citizen Armor never want you to make a purchase based out of fear and anxiety, but rather, based on the peace of mind you will have knowing that you have protection moments away from being deployed. A sense of security to you and your family is priceless. Don’t let someone else determine your fate: Be protected. Be prepared for anything this world may throw at you.



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