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This report contains valuable information that will help you and your family prepare for an active shooter situation.

We always perform better in stressful situations when we have had a chance to think out our responses before-hand. This report contains a review of the three steps to follow in an active shooter situation. You will learn what is recommended by the Department of Home Land Security for protecting yourself and those around you . It provides facts and tips that will help you avoid “normality bias” and give you greater confidence if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

5 Mistakes Victims Make
Many times victims in an active shooter situation respond in a way that can increase their risk of injury or death. There are things we can do before hand and in the moment to keep ourselves safe and reduce the chances of injury to those around us. Understanding the following issues can help you avoid costly mistakes:

  • thinking that this could never happen to you
  • failure to properly process sounds and activity around you
  • no clear plan to follow in the moment of crisis
  • inappropriate interaction with first-responders on the scene
  • not having a good exit strategy

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