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Rotten Hard Candy and Soft Body Armor.

The Story of Hard Candy

A friend told me a funny story recently that has an important application to body armor. Eight years ago, my friend and his wife were helping his mother-in-law prepare for a move. When they came to her food storage they found 3 or 4 #10 cans of hard candy that were over 30 years old. 

The mother-in-law adamantly explained that she bought that hard candy because, when times were rough, the hard candy could be used as a method of currency. She could use it for bartering.  When my friend suggested to her that they open  one of the #10 cans, she exclaimed that sugar does not go bad. My friend was  not so sure, so he opened one. What he found inside was a black mess he compared to tar. Hm, not so appetizing. As you can imagine, the tins of candy got added to the pile of stuff to take to the dump.

Now, fast forward to just a few days ago. The mother-in-law is now living with my friend and his wife. They were helping her “dejunk”  the other day to stay prepared for “the inevitable”. They were surprised to discover one of the #10 cans that they thought had been thrown out. When asked, my friend’s mother-in-law admitted to sneaking one tin away and had kept it ever since.

Peace of Mind

My friend was laughing as he said to me, “Why? Why on Earth did she keep that nasty, totally unusable candy?” We decided together that she didn’t keep that tin because she wanted the candy, of course not. She sneaked that tin away from the trash pile because it represents something to her that we all seek: peace of mind.

I mean, honestly–that candy was already rotten eight years ago, but she still kept it until just a few days ago. They brought all the other expired food and worthless junk to the dump and that was fine with her. She just could not let go of the candy. When you think about it, it makes sense. It may not be a #10 can of candy, but I keep around stuff that symbolizes peace of mind for me. I’ve come to understand that her behavior wasn’t unreasonable–we all latch on to things that give us a feeling of security.

The Real Strength of Soft Body Armor

Body armor is becoming more and more popular because it is starting to be seen as a necessity. People want peace of mind. Just as my friend’s mother-in-law wanted to keep that candy because, for her, it was a symbol of being able to make it through a hard time, so it is with body armor. You never know when you will need to barter with candy to keep food on the table, and you also never know when you will need to be protected because you find yourself in a dangerous situation. We cannot ever know exactly when, but it is becoming more and more likely that it will happen to us. Just like she needed the candy, we need the body armor, to give us that treasured peace of mind.

Our body armor is state-of-the-art protection that provides real security. It will give you real peace of mind.