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Shooting Analytics – when and where are we most at risk?

We recently tabulated information from the website to determine when and where shootings occur in the US. We analysed the data for mass shootings (incidents involving 4 or more people, killed or injured) and found a total of 452 in the past year. That’s more than one a day (see “Recent Multiple Shootings” ticker on this page.) We looked at shootings by month of the year, day of the week and shootings by state. Here is what we found.


When we graph the data by day of the week and by month we see that Summer week ends are the most dangerous.

shooting by day of week            shootings by month

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When we total the data for Shootings by State here is what we see:

shootings by state

The chart shows that California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Georgia have the highest number of shootings. But when calculated on a per capita basis using state population Illinois, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee rank the highest.

shootings per capita

Shootings by Location

Statistics show that more shooting occurs on the weekend during the summer but where exactly is the risk the greatest? At school, at work, at the mall?  Here is what the data revealed:

shootings by locations

It is disturbing that the majority of gun-related incidents happen in residential areas. It’s not at the airport, the post office or on the roads but in our own neighborhoods that we and our loved ones are most at risk.

Check Out Your State

Click on the state link below to see shootings by city:

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