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Texas School Shootings on the Rise

Are School and Child involved Shootings on the Rise?

School is starting up again soon and with it comes the excitement of a new teacher and a new classroom. These are important aspects of the lives of our children. We want school to be an ever-positive experience, yet we keep hearing that schools are becoming more dangerous. We decided to find out if this claim is true. The graph below shows our findings. We plotted all  school and child involved shootings for the past 3 years in the state of Texas. Our findings show that school shootings are, in fact, on the rise. The jump between the 2014-2015 school year to the 2015-2016 school year is not as dramatic. There was a 37% increase. But the jump between the 2015-2016 school year and the 2016-2017 school year almost doubled with incidents: there was an 89% increase.

Texas shootings chart

It’s safe to say that we all felt pretty certain that things were getting worse, but such a significant increase in violence between the past two years is beyond alarming. We have spent time worrying, but maybe now it’s time to take action.

What Can We Do?

There are options for possible measures we can take to protect our children and help their school experiences remain positive. First off, we should arm ourselves with information. Citizen Armor has created a video series and a written report, both of which contain suggestions from the Department of Homeland Security about what to do in an active shooter situation. These mediums give valuable information for how to protect us and our children without becoming paranoid.

Information is a very important tool, but we also need to consider methods of physical protection. Citizen Armor has a perfect product for protecting our children while at school: the backpack insert.

back pack insert
Backpack Shield Insert (click for information)

Backpack Insert (with optional GPS Tracker)

gps child traccker
GPS Child Tracker

This product is simply a bulletproof piece of material that slides easily into any backpack. The material harnesses the ballistic potential of carbon nanotubes, which makes the insert ultra-lightweight and flexible. The armor insert is less than 1/4 inch thick and weighs about a pound. It is available in Threat Level II and Level IIIA. With this tool we can train our children to use their backpacks as a protective shield.

Citizen Armor will also be introducing a new protective product soon: a GPS Tracker. This tool will be the perfect way to always know precisely where our children are, at any time. With this tracker, we can teach our children to always flee from a scene of danger since we will be able to find exactly where they are. We never have to find ourselves frantically searching for our children around the neighborhood while a gunman is on the loose. The tracker can be integrated into the shield or used independently.

The increase in school and child related violence is too dramatic to simply sit still and worry–we need to do something to protect our children. The time has come to get informed and take protective measures for our children. We can all benefit from the peace of mind that protection provides.

What cities are the most dangerous?

Click on the state link below to see per capita statistics for shootings by city:

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