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“I can’t believe this shooting happened in my hometown.”

Active Shooting Becoming Too Common-Place

Utah seems to be showing up more frequently in the “Acitve Shooter” news column. With the Sandy shooting earlier this month and now the Taylorsville incident, the truth seems to be that we are joining the crowd when it comes to where shootings happen. We’re definitely still in the lower percentile in shootings per capita but for victims and those impacted, any shooting is one too many.

“I can’t believe this happened in my hometown.”

We here this over and over on news reports across the nation every single day. We never think it will happen to us in our hometown–it’s always happening to someone else, somewhere else. Unfortunately that’s just not true anymore. Tragedies know no boundaries; next time could easily be in your hometown. But that isn’t reason to be scared, lose hope, or feel defeated. There are resources out there that can help keep us safe even in the face of danger.

Mike Anderson from KSL paid us a visit yesterday to talk bulletproof vests, backpack inserts and the increased awareness of bulletproof clothes. We shared what our best-seller is, how our sales have increased and why we think that is. This morning KSL published our story side by side with the news of a gunman shooting Rep. Scalise at today’s early morning baseball practice. More and more people are realizing that active shooter situations are common-place. They aren’t going away, so we need to find a better way to fight back. We are providing one better way to fight back. Check out the KSL story here.