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Protek™ Graphene Armor Technology

Citizen Armor is proud to offer the highest performance ballistic material...graphene. Citizen Armor licenses Protek™ graphene technology from ATEK Defense Systems, who supplies military and police armor. Protek™ is a synergistic layering of graphene microfibers with aramid fibers or polyethylene for the strongest ballistic material available. We utilize Protek™ graphene armor in our vests, backpacks, inserts and binders. All of the armor we produce is tested by the NIJ and exceeds their standards for Level IIIA ballistic performance.

Protect your Home or Business with Smash & Grab™ Security Film

Protect your home or business with Smash and Grab™ Security Film from Citizen Armor. Available in 8 mils, 12 mils, 16 mils, 18 mils and 21 mils, we have various thicknesses to fit your protection needs

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Citizen Armor RTG Backpack Demo

Citizen Armor has developed a modular armored backpack that can deploy a full level IIIA armored bulletproof vest in less than 2 seconds. Comes integrated with the Ogio Axle backpack. It also allows the user to remove the armor pack and attach it to a different backpack.

How to be protected in an Active Shooter situation 1

The Armor Guys from Citizen Armor present steps that individuals can take to protect themselves in an Active Shooter situation.

Small business protection with Smash and Grab Security Film

Smash and Grab Security Film applies to existing windows and keeps them intact if hit with a bullet or hard object. Protect your business, assets, and occupants with this low cost solution.