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Ending Human Trafficking and the Sound of Freedom

Ending Human Trafficking and the Sound of Freedom

Citizen Armor is proud to help eradicate child trafficking by being Freedom Fighters with the Child Liberation Foundation . The Sound of Freedom movie is a pivotal step forward in ending the suffering of children all over the world.

“The Sound of Freedom” is the real life story of people fighting child trafficking.  According to the Child Liberation Foundation, “The Sound of Freedom” It tells the tale of brave individuals who fight to eradicate child trafficking.  As much as “The Sound of Freedom” is a thrilling movie it also helps raise awareness of human trafficking issues.  The movie is scheduled to be released in 2020 and is aimed to do more than simply entertain, but help change the world.


“The Sound of Freedom” is set to help change the world, how might you ask?  In today’s world we need reminders of issues.  We have days dedicated to appreciate our mothers, fathers, birthdays, and holidays.  These days draw attention to things that matter.  “The Sound of Freedom” draws attention to an issue that matters to all of us, the trafficking of children, especially for sexual exploitation.  The movie will help raise awareness in the modality of entertainment.  It isn’t an easy issue, but it needs to be a conversation so that change will take place worldwide.  

There are currently over 5.25 million children enslaved in child trafficking.  A large percentage of those children are being exploited sexually.  They are also being forced into hard labor which is dangerous.  This is a conversation that needs to be on the forefront until it is eradicated.  “The Sound of Freedom” is aimed to help do just that, get the conversation going among more people.  This helps raise awareness and raise funds to fight against traffickers.  Funds are also allocated to help eradicate the demand for child trafficking.  This takes the form of adjusting how people objectify other human beings and promoting increased legislation against human trafficking.  Funding is also used to actively find child trafficking rings, raid them, liberate children, and prosecute traffickers.


“The Sound of Freedom” features a star studded cast including Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Manny Perez, Bill Camp, Gerado Taracena, Eduardo Verástegui, and many more.  Click here for a full cast list on IMDB.  In preparation for his role Jim Caviezel shadowed operatives in the field.  During this experience Caviezel witnessed a child rescue operation in Latin America.

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