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  • What is a MOLLE Vest?

    What is a MOLLE Vest?

    A MOLLE vest is a tactical vest that is designed for the harshest conditions, roughest terrain, and situations where one must be tactically proficient.  MOLLE stands for “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment”  It is pronounced like the name Molly and is a favorite with tactical...

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  • Ending Human Trafficking and the Sound of Freedom

    Ending Human Trafficking and the Sound of Freedom

    Citizen Armor is proud to help eradicate child trafficking by being Freedom Fighters with the Child Liberation Foundation . The Sound of Freedom movie is a pivotal step forward in ending the suffering of children all over the world. “The Sound of Freedom” is the real...

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  • Armored Vehciles

    Armored Vehciles

    ATEK Defense Systems creates Armored Vehicle Solutions Content provided by ATEK: Armored security vehicles are the backbone of many different types of companies.  Banks have used them for decades to transport cash and coin between businesses and their security storage locations.  ...

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  • The science of Graphene

    The science of Graphene

    Graphene is a material that is getting a lot of attention.  People are asking what is graphene, how can it be used, and what does it cost?  The purpose of this post is to discuss graphene in greater detail and...

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  • Bulletproof backpacks for children?

    Bulletproof backpacks for children?

    Does a bulletproof backpack help protect your children?  Whether it is back to school or mid year, safety is always priority #1!  All parents are concerned for their children’s safety.  With school shootings a reality of modern life, giving your...

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  • Who invented the bulletproof vest?

    Who invented the bulletproof vest?

    The bulletproof vest was invented by Casimir Zeglen in 1893.  The focus of inventing the bulletproof vest came after the assassination of Carter Harrison Sr. Zeglen. He was a Roman Catholic Priest of a parish with over 40,000 followers in...

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  • Everyday Bulletproof Vests For Civilians

    Everyday Bulletproof Vests For Civilians

    While law enforcement and military personnel are our frontlines for combat, our emergency services and civilians need protection as well for a wide range of occupations.  With rising civil unrest in the world, various industry workers including mail carriers, teachers,...

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  • What Are Traditional Bulletproof Vests Made From?

    What Are Traditional Bulletproof Vests Made From?

    Bulletproof vests are made from a variety of high tensile strength fibers.  What is inside of a bulletproof vest depends on the manufacturer.  Manufacturers of bulletproof vests use various high strength materials, such as aramid fibers, carbon nanotubes, polyethylene and graphene...

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  • UL752 Bulletproof Glass

    UL752 Bulletproof Glass

    ATEK Defense Systems provides Bulletproof Glass Content provided by ATEK: There are 8 levels of UL572 bulletproof glass.  Citizen Armor focuses on Level 2 and Level 5 of the UL572 standard.  Level 2 is rated to stop handgun rounds, while...

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