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Walmart Mass Shooting In El Paso Claims 23rd Life

Walmart Mass Shooting In El Paso Claims 23rd Life

9 months later the 23rd victim lost their life after aafter a mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart..  In a recent new article, hospital officials stated that Guillermo Garcia had passed away after fighting for life for these past 9 months.  The shooting occurred on the 3rd of August 2019.  This attack specifically targeted the Latino community.  

This mass shooting left 23 dead and 26 injured.  While police were able to respond to reports of this mass shooting in an incredible 6 minutes, they were not there to prevent the 23 deaths in total.   Texan Gov. Greg Abbott said it was one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas.

Shortly before the attack it seems the suspect had posted his screed. While this post did not mention specifics about the time or place, it did list out a racist and hate filled agenda.  It was posted at 10:12 am and the mass shooting occurred just 27 minutes later.  This left law enforcement powerless to prevent this mass shooting.  Too often there isn’t enough time, or terrorists simply never make their intentions known.  


In most cases of mass shootings, there is some type of hateful agenda.  In the case of this El Paso Walmart attack, it was directed specifically towards the Latino community.  El Paso police Chief Gregory K. Allen was quoted as saying this was “a nexus at this point in time to a hate crime.”

El Paso Texas is located close to the Mexican border.  As such it is a popular destination for both locals and Mexicans crossing the border to purchase groceries.  The parking lot of this Walmart is filled with both license plates from Mexico and Texas.  

Both Beto O’Rourke and Joaquin Castro pointed out that rhetoric from the leaders of our nation needs to be corrected.  Stances that describe immigrants and visitors from people south of our border as “invaders” needs to end.  It does more than offend sensibilities, it leads to violence.  


Naturally the general feeling of people at the store during this attack was shocked and terrorized. It seems most people interviewed by the Associated Press expressed that they assumed the gunshot sounds were just boxes dropping or construction noises.  The local community, state, and world is shocked by these mass shootings that occur at what seems an ever increasing rate.  

Following the attack there was an effort to reunite families of potential victims.  Attacks like this scatter families at the site and leave them unsure of their loved one’s condition.  A school was set up to help families reunite with those who were unaccounted for who may have been at the scene.  


Most ICU patients need blood transfusions during their treatment.  With 26 people injured, the demand for blood donations skyrocketed after this attack.  According to The University Medical Center in El Paso, many of the victims in this attack had “level one” injuries.  This is the most serious level of injuries on a hospitals scale.   


In the wake of this attack, public figures started discussing the issues.  Issues that influence agendas of hate, gun policy, and how to resolve the issue of mass shootings; again.  While it is noble to research and change what we can to absolve the world of such hate, we unfortunately live in a very violent reality.  While politicians discuss, it is left to you to protect yourself and those you love.

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