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We are an American Company and ship to the USA ONLY
We are an American Company and ship to the USA ONLY

Protek™ Graphene Armor

Protek™ Graphene Armor

Citizen Armor licenses Protek™ Graphene Technology from ATEK Defense Systems. This proprietary graphene microfiber formula slashes weight by up to 66% compared to traditional vests. Not only does graphene armor weigh less, but mobility and flexibility are not compromised with our Protek™ technology that moves with bodies of all shapes and sizes. Our soft body armor has unparalleled flexibility and is specifically made to conform to the contours of human anatomy, providing both men and women greater comfort as well as safety.

Unlike traditional aramid fibers, Protek™ Graphene Armor has been proven to function even after complete submersion in water, neutralizing a key weakness of common soft body armor. In addition to being water resistant, ATEK soft body armor is impervious to UV light and atmosphere and doesn’t degrade like traditional body armor, which makes our soft body armor far more durable and cost efficient.

We don’t have to remind you of the traditional body armor of the past…but how can you forget that they are bulky, thick, heavy, stiff, and frankly prone to failure if they took multiple rounds or happened to get wet. They also degrade as they age and have a standard life of 3-5 years.


Great strides have been made in recent years, including our revolutionary, proprietary, graphene microfiber technology, we call Protek™. This material of the future is manufactured by ATEK Defense Systems, and is a micro-reinforced, high tensile strength composite created for use in soft armor solutions. Harnessing the strength of aramid fibers, graphene microfibers, and other high strength micro materials, Protek™ is designed to rapidly disburse energy away from the body.


Our Elite Armor is made from a combination of Graphene Microfiber and Polyethylene. The combination of these materials creates a synergistic relationship allowing for a stronger, longer-lasting and waterproof armored solution. Our Elite Armor option is lighter weight, waterproof, and lasts longer.


Stopping bullets is the first step, but as you well know, Back Face Signature (BFS) – or the trauma behind the armor – is sometimes as dangerous as bullet penetration.

The NIJ has developed a strict set of guidelines for law enforcement, military and security body armor. These standards are accepted around the world. NIJ allows 44mm (or about 1.75 inches) of BFS to pass standards.

Even though the bullet doesn’t penetrate the vest, imagine the damage that could be caused to muscle, bone and internal organs. Not only could it knock you down but it could render you incapacitated, unable to move, and left in harm’s way.

Citizen Armor’s Protek™ Graphene Armor meets and exceeds minimum NIJ standards. Our armor has been specifically engineered to greatly reduce the amount of trauma or BFS. Shot with 9MM rounds, our products typically score in the mid to high teens (14mm – 19mm), which is 20% better than standard competitors.

Translation…Taking a hit will never feel like a warm bubble bath, but by wearing our NIJ certified armored products, you’ll remain mobile and capable while being protected.

Shrapnel? Knife attacks? You can thwart many of them as well. This lightweight armor will truly astound you. More important, it could SAVE you!


Because we’re so confident in the performance of our products, we carry a $1,000,000.00 Liability Insurance Policy against failure.

And you receive a formidable, 7-year warranty* on all Protek™ Elite soft body armor – unparalleled in the industry, and a key money saver for units and individual users.