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"Introducing our Prestige line: the lightest and thinnest HG2/IIIA armor solution available on the market today, backed by a 7-year warranty!"

The Perfect Armor Solution

Answer these 5 questions to Find Your Perfect Armor Solution:

1a    Will you be wearing armor on a daily basis?         

  • You might want to invest in our Prestige armor solution.  It is ultra-light, thinner and more flexible for everyday use. Also it carries a 7 year warranty. 


1b    Will this armor be used only in extreme situations?

  • You may choose to spend less money and go with our Standard Armor solution. Though it is not as flexible, It has every bit as much protection as the Prestige and still carries a 7 year warranty.

2    How much are you planning to spend on your personal protection?

                Budget Friendly $

  • The V-Shield or Female V-Shield with our Standard armor solution gives excellent Vital protection with the least amount of expense.  
  • For full protection, our Female Covert or any of our Civvy XP products will work, the least expensive being our Covert with our Standard armor solution.

                 More Expensive $$

  • Any of our products with our Prestige armor solution will be a little more costly than the Standard solution.  The advantage being that it is significantly lighter, thinner and more flexible than the Standard.
  • Our most costly body armor carrier option would be the magnetic quick release H-Tac with our Prestige armor solution. It has full protection and pockets for rifle rated Hard Plates as well as plenty of molle for you to create your own armored rig setup.

3     Do you need armor that can be concealed under regular clothing?

  • The V-Shield or the Female V-Shield will be our most concealable options.  
  • The Covert and the Female Covert have side coverage and they can be concealed under loose clothing.
  • Our Prestige armor Solution is thinner and more flexible and therefore easier to hide than our Standard option.

                    The Perfect Armor Solution  The Perfect Armor Solution

4  Will your protection need to stop rifle rounds?

  • We currently carry three vests that will hold our HTK hard plates. The L-Tac and the H-Tac are good solutions that will hold Level IIIa shields and Hard plates for rifle threats. We also sell a hard plate carrier that will only hold the hard plates. Our HTK hard plates, crafted from lightweight UHMWPE, offer an ultra-light 2.8 pounds armor solution.
  • For a more concealable option for a Rifle rated shield, you might want to choose our picture shield.  It will discreetly hang on your wall as a beautiful picture, to be grabbed in case of a threat situation.

The Perfect Armor SolutionThe Perfect Armor SolutionThe Perfect Armor Solution

5     Would you rather have threat protection that is not worn on your body?

  • The Picture Shield will discreetly hang on your wall, to be grabbed in case of a threat situation. It weighs less than 11 pounds and it will stop rifle rounds
  • The Notebook is a beautiful fully usable binder that can be with you wherever you go.  If there is a threat situation, it can be deployed to create an 11”x21” shield which can be hung around your neck for hands free protection.  
  • The Backpack insert can be put in your backpack or purse to be carried with you wherever you go to give you vital protection in dire situations.The Perfect Armor SolutionThe Perfect Armor SolutionThe Perfect Armor Solution

I hope this information helps you to decide which Citizen Armor product will work best for your situation.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, please check back with us later, we are constantly adding more products in order to meet our customers needs.