RTG Backpack

The Next Level In Discreet Armor

With the way the world is going, you may be weighing the pros and cons of actually putting on a bulletproof vest every morning.  But it may seem like to  radical of a step.  If so, the RTG (Ready to Go) Backpack might be the right choice for you.  

You can have the same piece of mind with a bullet proof vest, with a lot less hassle and commitment.  That’s why we are introducting the RTG Backpack.

Delivery of the RTG Backpacks will be four to six weeks.  The MSRP price will be $597, but the first 200 buyers will receive a 15% discount.  

The RTG Backpack

Weighing the pros and cons between wearing armor or going without it can be a difficult thing. We’ve taken those cons and made them disappear with the RTG Backpack.

What is the RTG Backpack?

RTG is our new fully functional backpack with a modular bullet proof vest that can be deployed from your back in less than 2 seconds.

You no longer have to choose between peace of mind and comfort.  You can have both.

The RTG is Fully Modular

In order for the RTG to be ready for whatever situation you may need it for, the RTG can be used four different ways:

  1. You can wear the full RTG set with the armor ready to be deployed at any time.
  2. You can unzip the small armor pack from the main backpack and wear it by itself ready to be deployed at anytime.
  3. You can wear the backpack by itself and leave the small armor pack at home.
  4. You can remove the armor from the backpack and wear it as a vest under or over a shirt.

As you can see, we have done our best to design our RTG with all your needs in mind.

Ready When You Need It

With safety at your fingertips you will have the peace of mind that you deserve. The RTG is also a fully functional backpack that you can take with you wherever you go.

Safety and Peace of Mind Anywhere you Go

Realistically, you probably can’t always wear body armor like a police officer, but you should be able to be protected like one. Danger can appear out of nowhere and at any time.  With the protection harnessed inside the RTG backpack, you will be protected and ready. Having armor close at hand and easy to deploy will bring you confidence and peace of mind.  

Simple, Effective and Quality

Simple enough for a fifth grader to use, able to stop all handgun rounds up to a 44 Mag, and utilizing the high quality construction and functionality of an OGIO backpack.

Simple, Effective and High Quality

RTG armor can be deployed in less than 2 seconds from your back.   The RTG also has a velcro front cover which allows the user to attach a velcro gun holster, velcro ammo magazine holder and a velcro CCW patch.  This functionality gives carry concealed weapon (CCW) holders quick access to their firearm and ammo to help protect themselves and others.

The RTG comes with armor options in either Level II (defends up to .357 Mag) or Level IIIA (defends up to .44 Mag).

We have partnered with OGIO International so you get the space, quality and functionality that you love out of OGIO backpacks along with the peace of mind provided by Citizen Armor.


The RTG armor pack can be interchanged with other RTG backpacks currently provided by Citizen Armor as well as new models when they become available..  Should you wish to replace your backpack annually, you can order a replacement that is configured to accept the armor pack you already own.  Or you can purchase a second backpack and fill it up with work related items and then at the end of the day switch it to your home backpack.



We know the investment of buying high-quality armor can be difficult, that’s why we back up the RTG Backpack with our warranty.

We provide a one year warranty on the backpack and armor pack as well as a warranty of 5 years depending on which armor package you select.  

Is the RTG Backpack Legal?

It is currently legal for all citizen of the United States to own body armor unless you have been been convicted of a felony.  All purchasers of Citizen Armor products are required to self declare and certify that they are not a felon and/or that they will not give their armor to a felon.  Citizen Armor registers all purchases with the serial numbers of the armor and cooperates with law enforcement when asked.